Re: Serial cable to usb dongle to usb cable

Owen Vinall

Hi Christopher, 
Re Serial cable length.
Typical I. T. Answer I'm afraid.
Given decent cable terminated correctly and decent Line driver chips 100's of metres but the higher the baud rate or speed the shorter the distance. I believe the line driver chips/ interface in Arduino's were not designed for distance. I have plenty of info and suggestions but to keep it simple what distances are you aiming for ? Part of my job was squeezing the longest distance possible for Comms eg Rs232 on Copper via Radio links Fibre etc etc.

On Wed, 2 Sep 2020, 12:51 am Christopher Miller, <djmalak2k6@...> wrote:
Does anyone know the maximum reach of a serial cable and usb cables?

I have a pc across my bedroom and between my serial dongle and radio I would like to start getting digital modes going. Sorry for the basic questions.


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