New TFT file for Nextion Enhanced 3.2 with CEC 1.2 #nextion

Rob French (KC4UPR)

Hey all,

I'm guessing no one cares much at this point (may be obsolete), but I've created an updated set of displays for use with the CEC firmware version 1.2 and a 3.2" Nextion Enhanced display.  Why?

1. The "stock" 3.2" Nextion display works on a 3.2" display, but doesn't actually scale to fill the display (I'm assuming it was just reformatted from a 2.8" display).
2. The only other suitable TFT file I could find for a 3.2" display, was made for an earlier version of the CEC firmware, so it was missing some functionality and didn't fully work.

So, voila... This one is scaled to use the full display.

I will note, I have successfully used it with the following display, which appears to be a Nextion clone.  Nextion wasn't originally in my uBITX plans, but I happened across this display for $19.99.  Sadly, it is no longer being sold at that price on Amazon, now it's up to $35.99.


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