Re: Relay for antenna tuner output?

Rob French (KC4UPR)


Thanks!  I'm going to file that under, "Duh... why didn't I think of that..."  I suspect I won't be able to source the exact part, but I see the parameters printed on the tops of the relays, so I'll examine them and find something comparable from Mouser.


Yep, that's essentially what I'm looking to do.  Just would be using a relay so that I can automate the process when I turn off the tuner.  My goals with this arrangement are:

(1) If I disconnect the antenna for lightning safety, and forget to plug it back in, I can have it default to "dummy load" when it starts up, so that there is always something good connected to the rig.

(2) If I forget to disconnect the antenna for lightning safety, at least there is some alternate path to ground for any discharges, that don't go through my rig.  (I realize this won't save me from a direct hit, but perhaps from whatever recent discharge killed the TX on another of my rigs... no lightning strike to the house that I'm aware of, but killed a diode in my tuner, killed the TX output of the other rig, and killed the rig's external power supply...)   I think I would need a DPDT relay in this case, or maybe two relays, to (a) automatically switch the rig to the dummy load, and (b) switch the antenna to ground.

Thanks again for the input!


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