Re: Content flagged as objectionable

Bob Lunsford

On Sunday, August 23, 2020, 2:02:49 AM EDT, s53c.lado@... <s53c.lado@...> wrote:

I apologize to reply to your message with an off topic question. Since English (American) is not my native language, I sometimes don't understand some references. I can relate to your mention of both one tube radios and 807 finals (I built both at age of 13), but I'd be glad if you explain what you mean by "MOPA design". I googled about that a little bit, but failed to find a meaningful explanation.

If I return to the topic, I absolutely agree with you that ham radio nowadays requires al least basic understanding of micro controllers and programming. Although C and C++ are not the only programming languages, they seem to be most used ones in micro controller area. Thus any kind of reference to Jack Purdum books covering C, C++ and ham radio are and should be most welcome in Bitx forums!

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