Re: kit-projects AGC with uBITX v5 - need help #v5

Rob French (KC4UPR)

One more solicitation for help, hoping someone has some thoughts.  Big picture, I don't *seem* to get any AGC response either due to the audio input to the AGC (which does register an S-meter reading, though not with DC voltage levels that I would expect), or even with +3V applied directly to the Common pad.  Doesn't seem to be any attenuation.  Again, for the first part (control voltage from the audio), I have a buffer and audio preamp that I use for line-out, and even when that thing is clipping the audio, it doesn't seem to have any effect on the AGC (and the control voltage doesn't seem to get above 0.5 VDC).

I did check the +12V input and the regulator +5V output on the AGC board, those are both fine. 


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