Tp20 location on board. Ubitx V6 2 on board.

Owen Vinall

Hi I'm troubleshooting what I'm assuming is low modulation when transmitting Ssb. Also I get no responses from local Amateurs when requesting a verification of my signal. My Swr meter indicates low modulation but measures fine on Cw. Blowing loudly directly into the mike shows reasonable modulation on the meter. I can hear my transmitted voice using Ssb on another receiver a few meters away. I have been following all the posts and suggestions but can't locate TP20 on the board to do Reed N's suggested test. Obviously my old eyes are missing it even using a torch and a schematic. Ssb reception seems fine and transmitted power into a dummy load using Cw gives outputs expected.
Voltages to the mike agree with Reeds diagram when transmitting.
Thanks in advance for any assistance. 

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