Re: Assembly instructions for the ubitx v4

Mario Koppensteiner

Hello bitx20 List,

I bought the uBitx Nextion Case for 4.3 Inch Display [1] case.

I got a note that there is the LA4425 transistor missing. I did a internet picture search about this transsistor and found this [2]. This transistor does have 5 terminals. On the PCB there are 3 holes and not 5. Please provide me a picture of the PCB with the LA4425 transistor soldered in.

Can you suggest a source in the internet to get the LA4425 transistor?



Mario Koppensteiner

Am 15.08.2020 23:52, schrieb Mario Koppensteiner:

Hello bitx20 list,
I do own an ubitx v4 build kit and an Nextion 4.3 inch Display. In
July I did order a metal case for this transceiver. Now I want to
build this transceiver.
I didn't find the assembly instructions for the ubitx v4. Please
provide me a Link.
Mario Koppensteiner

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