Re: Sensitivity, Spare-Parts and Quality Questions #ubitx #v6.1 #ubitx


Hey Curt,

thanks for that reference of 0.1µV but it doesn't help with further reference. So it  sounds more like a wish, not reality. An ICOM IC-736 is known to be sensitive and has less then 0.15µV at a SINAD 10dB with Pre-Amp on. The modern IC-7300 has less then 0.16µV, also with Pre-Amp on.

However, I didn't want to talk the ubitx down, I just need some reference to decide, if the unit I have connected to my test-set is now working or still has problems.
And I need a source for the volume / power combination. It has a pin broken off, as I told before and I cannot find a mechanical matching substitute for it. Does anyone know a matching part?

73 de Ulrich

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