Re: Assembly instructions for the ubitx v4

Evan Hand

The Mini manual that Rick Price provided contains the following information from HF Signals:

Both can be used to wire-up the uBITX v3, v4, or v5 manual with the stock configuration.  I would highly recommend that you verify stock operation before you add the Nextion display.  You might want to do that before you mount it in the case.

After you get it working stock, then here is the original link by Dr. Lee (KD8CEC) for adding the Nextion display:

The current version for the KD8CEC firmware is now 1.2 that you can get here:

Be sure to use the correct file for the version 4 uBITX.  It is in the uBITXV234 folder NOT the uBITXV5.

You will also need the .tft screen files for the Nextion.  The link that I have may not be the best, but can get you started:
You can also search the files on for Nextion screen files to match the size and model Nextion display that you have.

Hope this helps.

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