R. Tyson

I always research something I intend buying. That research didn't take long and revealed that all the info and help you may require for this rig are out there. There are also brilliant modifications using different programming and displays. It's there all you have to do is a little work to find it all and it's well worth the effort.

I bought the uBitX changed the screen for a nextion display and different software and was very pleased with the result after I installed it into a home brew case. With the addition of a good two stage CW filter I now have a very handy (and cheap) multiband rig.

Hans produces exceedingly good instructions for his kits but this is a different product. A little bit of research flags up the differences between the QRP-Labs products and the uBitX. I bought the uBitX while waiting for Hans' QSX to be produced. I have, in the uBitX, a nice rig that will make the waiting less painful.

Reg                  G4NFR

I was waiting for Hans Summers to release his
all band QSX transceiver and when I saw this BITX V6 on a Dave Casler YouTube video I decided to go for it - my bad! Another thing was that there were no instructions or a link to a manual at the time I got the rig in February. I also assumed that I needed to align the BFO and set the frequency of this rig when I received it and later found out that it was setup when it shipped. The communications on this rig suck - too many hands in the pie. We shouldn't have to read through a thousand emails to find that other have walked down the same path and have come up with solutions and fixes. My thoughts!

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