Re: Adding a Nextion Display to the F40 (uBitx adjacent) #arduino #nextion

Dean Souleles

Thanks Jack - 

Do you know of an interactive drag and drop style IDE and library that will generate the Arduino code for a TFT?   One of the reasons I like the Nextion is that I don't have to work at the level of graphics primitives.  If I want a button I use the IDE and drop it where I want on the screen - no graphics code.  Three lines of Arduino Nextion library code - define a button, register a call-back,  listen for events.  For my TFT displays I have to hard code every component x,y,w,h, etc and use graphics primitives to draw everything on the screen.  And for a touch TFT - all I get back is an x,y.  The rest is up to little old moi.  


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