Re: Adding a Nextion Display to the F40 (uBitx adjacent) #arduino #nextion

Jack, W8TEE

I was using the ESP32 and the TFT_eSPI graphics library. The code is shipped as one of the examples. The ESP32 is a bitch-kitty to completely understand, but it has a lot of resources to offer (e.g., WiFi, Bluetooth, fast clock and considerable memory) at a decent price (about $10). A lot of the confusion results from non-standard pin assignments. Indeed, some boards have 30, 36, and 38 pins, some of which most of us shouldn't be messing with. Therefore, the learning wall is steeper than most, but worth the effort if you need the resources.

Jack, W8TEE

On Wednesday, August 5, 2020, 11:23:45 AM EDT, Skip Davis via <skipdaviscta@...> wrote:

Neat little video of the display, so which one of the processors is controlling the display.

Skip Davis, NC9O

Jack, W8TEE

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