Re: Adding a Nextion Display to the F40 (uBitx adjacent) #arduino #nextion

Jack, W8TEE


I did work on the JackAl using a 5" touch screen and it works well, but used a Teensy 3.6 for the processor. The display I'm using now is a 2.8" TFT display (see:QCX CAT Demo) which supports a touch screen, and I just got

in a boatload of 3.5" touch screen displays that I may implement that later on. One of the problems I had was that the BITX family and the QCX don't have enough mass to making using a touch screen possible without holding the case with the other hand, even with rubber feet on it. Has that been a problem for you? If not, how did you fix it? I think making a sloping faceplate might work.

Jack, W8TEE

On Monday, August 3, 2020, 9:57:31 PM EDT, Dean Souleles <dsouleles@...> wrote:

Hi folks - 

N6QW, Pete Juliano has a way of inspiring (tricking) you to work on homebrew radio projects.  He asked me a simple question about programming a Nextion display and two days later I emerged from my cave with a fully functioning SSB radio control sketch for my N6QW inspired Furlough 40 SSB Phone QRP transceiver.  This should be easy to integrate with a variety of homebrew rigs - and since it is an Arduino, SI5351 and Nextion it could conceivably turn in to a uBitx alternative - but not any time soon - a lot of functions to add and too many other good alternatives.  Unlike KD8CEC and others I chose to use the Nextion library which streamlined the programming consiiderbly.  The sketch and libraries will be uploaded to github in the next couple of weeks  and the whole process will be documented at

But for now please see the video demonstration and the new blog post  - "A touching display for f40 and iss aprs" which also has a couple of photographs of comet Neowise as a bonus.

Love to hear what you think.


Jack, W8TEE

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