Re: Ubitx V6 transmitting carrier.

Owen Vinall

Thanks Ulrich for the quick reply.

I hope I have your name right. That's great news for me.
I did move the receiver to a location appropriately 15 ~ metres away and had the same issue. But hopefully its the same issue.
Now I can  improve my antenna to start doing further testing. At least I have plenty of room here.
We visited Germany last year during a holiday and enjoyed it.

In case you get this twice my apologies. Having weird issues with my Email. It ended up in Draft for some reason.

Regards  Owen

On Tue, 4 Aug 2020, 5:13 am DC3AX via, <> wrote:
Hi Owen,

that is completely normal! There are quite a few unshielded traces on the PCBs of the UBITX and if your R1000 doesn't pick that up, I would consider the R1000 defective. Remember, the receiver should catch things down in the few µV  that has been sent by a transmitter across the sea with only a few watts. So it should catch up on all parasitics that are emitted in the same room :)

73 de Ulrich DC3AX

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