Ubitx V6 transmitting carrier.

Owen Vinall

I recently followed  Ashhar's excellent Video on tuning the V6. I have completed this twice.
My issue is when I transmit voice on 3.5, 7, 21 or 28 Meg's into a dummy load I can receive my transmitted voice on a Kenwood R1000 a few metres away on AM as well as Ssb. I have an antenna on the Kenwood of a scrap of copper wire only a few cms long as I was concerned I might overload the receiver. Is this an appropriate test. Originally they were in opposte ends of the house but my Ubitx was connected to an Antenna  Tuner and a long wire. I can't seem to get any feedback on air but can hear a few strong local signals and interstate  contacts so I am assuming the Ubitx receiver is functioning reasonably well. Should morse be received on AM as I forgot to try that. I'm a complete newly so any additional assistance will be gratefully appreciated.

Regards Owen Vk5fkol 

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