Re: uBITX V6 setup for digital modes #digital #ubitxv6

Gordon Gibby

I've made plenty of digital contacts with basically the original sketch from HFsignals or else Allar'ds upgrade.   There is little difference between one radio and another.   You must be able to make basically the same connections that vacuum tube guys did in order to add PHONE PATCH to their radio, or that repeater builders added, to make repeaters.  

Digital requires:
- audio from the receiver
- input to the mic wire
- a way to close the push-to-talk line (short it to ground)
- a ground wire.

any signalink or similar item (there are many!) can do this with ease.

Here is an  educational link that may assist :

I made my first winlink connections with a vacuum tube SB-102.    This just takes some reading and some stick-to-it-ive-ness.  You can succeed, many many have already.   This is what ham radio is often about.   learning, trying, experiment, reading 


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Reed I'm still running the default sketch from HF Signals
Aaron Scott
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