Re: uBITX V6 weird modulation

Owen Vinall

I'm using a dummy load on my Ubitx V6.1 and an Sdr as a test. The mike socket seems to be a bit sensitive to mike cable movement when I key and move the mike. I also seem to be getting very low output but my Sdr may not be set up correctly. So I will check and also fit the suggested capacitors and ferrites. Would ferrites used for antenna balans be suitable. Im a complete newbie.

On Mon, 27 Jul 2020, 12:41 pm joshuaclough via, <> wrote:

That's lower sideband. As you can see it's mostly above where it should be.

USB looks just the opposite. CW shows up on the correct side though.
Also, and another biggie here, this is what it looks like when you key the mic, talking into it changes nothing.
Signal above received with an rtl-sdr, no antenna for attenuation (since the transmitting antenna is just out the window).

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