Digital Interface - transformer seems to drastically weaken signal

Rob French (KC4UPR)

Hey there,

I've prototyped myself a variant of KK5JY's AnyRig digital interface ( ).  The Teensy microcontroller piece of this is very straightforward to me, as I have previously embedded a Teensy in my uBITX as a DSP. In this case, I'm externally interfacing a uBITX to computer audio (trying to keep the uBITX relatively stock). 

Anyway, the issue I have is with the 1:1 isolation transformer for the RX audio.  It drops the RX signal level drastically!  If I drive the RX line out straight to the Teensy audio input, I get a solid signal level of ~0.5V peak-to-peak, based on observing the signal level on my computer using Audacity (I have an op-amp preamp driving the line-out).  If I put the isolation transformer inline, the signal level barely even registers!  I have to amplify it significantly in software to hear the signal, when using the transformer.

I tried it with two different transformers.  About the same on both.  The transformers are cheap Amazon ones ( ), but given that I really only needed them to cover ~300-3000 Hz, I figured they'd be sufficient... I wouldn't think they'd have that much loss!  What am I missing?  What should I look at?

(The RX line-out is driven by an op-amp pre-amp per this URL: )


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