Re: Mic audio and TX power mods required with V6?

R. Tyson

I would agree that the nanoVNA is a great tool. I have just put up a new fan dipole for 40 and 30m. I trimmed the 40m section to resonance today and the nanoVNA made it very easy. I started of with the 40m antenna too long and snipped a bit off at a time to get it to resonance at the lower end of the band. Using the nanoVNA allowed me to check after each adjustment and I could see where the dip was and how much further I needed to trim back each leg of the dipole. The 40m dipole is now resonant where I want it, is very nearly 1:1 swr and a quick test 30 minutes ago with the uBitX showed I was being received all around Europe.     I wish they had been selling these 20 years ago it would have saved me a lot of time and effort when putting up new antennas. Just need to set up the 30m section of the fan dipole tomorrow.

Reg           G4NFR

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