Re: The 1926 µbitx of my great father

Peter LB0K

Hi Gerard
I would like to echo Michael's comment about pulling apart an ANTIQUE receiver that looks to be relatively whole. Your Grandfather's old wireless receiver would go well in the collection at the Bergen Broadcasting station ( There we have two transmitters (one delivered from Germany and one from England in 1936-7), and a fairly wide selection of receiver sets, mostly from after 1945. 
This receiver does have some intriguing details that I'd like to find out more of.   Could you find it possible to take more pictures of the receiver, of the top and inside from several angles; of the two handles on the front,  from the back, if that has any details. 
Also interesting would be info about the valves or tubes if any are still fitted, a manufacturers label or mark, size etc. etc.  and if you could send these to me off the list I will be grateful.

I beg understanding for using this list for a reply, it is after all very seldom one sees any untouched examples of these antique wireless receivers.
Having apologised I can now go back to modifying my uBITX,

LB0K -  Peter  

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