Re: Ver3 to CEC

Evan Hand

First off, did you follow the suggestions in this message?

NOTE: Please ignore the typo Arduion, it should have been Arduino.

There is only one file that needs to be loaded into the v3 uBITX Nano with the stock display using the Xloader.  For your situation that would be:

The tft files are used by the Nextion display, that you do not have.  They are not loaded with Xloader, rather they are transferred to the Nextion through a microSD card.  

From what I can understand from your messages, you are not seeing the backlight turn on in the stock display.  That is a hardware issue and has nothing to do with software.  If your setup is working EXCEPT for the backlight, you should be able to read text on the display if you shine a light on it at an angle.  You can adjust the contrast with the P2 control on the Arduino.

I believe that you are at the point that the best option would be to find a local club or ham that can help.  I am running out of suggestions for you to be described over the messages board.

Good luck

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