Re: WSPR no TX #ubitx-help #digital


Evan, the CEC firmware allows WSPR in beacon mode for transmitting, but not decoding. You use the Memory Manager program to set your location (you can set 4 different locations), and frequency (3 available), and to set the code for your call and power level. Then you enter the WSPR mode by pushing the tuning knob and selecting WSPR, then select your  location choice and frequency. The 110 second beacon is then initiated  at the top of an even minute by looking at your watch and pressing the PTT. It works fantastic and allows you to get reception reports back on your smart phone or on your computer when you get home with only the rig, a portable power supply, and portable antenna. I have used it as a demo at hamfests, at the beach, and to test different portable antenna options. A very clever addition by Dr. Lee built in to all the later versions of his software.


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