Re: Ver3 to CEC

Bob Lunsford <nocrud222@...>

Hello Rajesh....

If you have taken the raduino out and replaced it various times, I'd double check to make sure one of the connecting pins has not missed it's target hole and is folded back where it escapes being seen. And double check the board's supply voltages to the raduino.

Sorry, this is the limit of my technical guess-work.

Bob — KK5R

On Sunday, July 5, 2020, 1:57:32 PM EDT, rajesh huddar <pumerah@...> wrote:

Hi Evan,

Changed baud rate, could read the Nano.
Loaded the display files through the XLoader.
Loaded the CEC software ver 1.20. Compiled and uploaded. Again read it in the manager with the baud rate suggested. Read successfully.

Then tried to connect it in the box. Switched on and no display.

What could be the problem?

The stock raduino which I have does not et read by manager 1.11 and 0.97. Is there any version which can read ver3 software. Tried all the baud rates.

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