WSPR no TX #ubitx-help #digital


Hi all,

I'm trying to sort out a problem with WSPR. My uBitX is a v5, nextion with CEC firmware. I built it last fall and by December was enjoying some success with CW, SSB and WSPR. I was getting WSPR reports from Europe and Antarctica. And something happened. One day nothing, no WSPR. I put it aside and now want to use WSPR again and try ft8.

My troubleshooting skills are limited. One thing I noticed was that when I key down for CW or ptt with SSB the TX light comes on. When I try WSPR everything looks and seems right,  WSPR timing included,  except the TX light doesn't come on.Any suggestions. Reloading the CEC software is the only option I can think of now.

Steven - KM4WIP

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