Re: Ver3 to CEC

Evan Hand


First, verify that all of the boards are plugged into the correct pins in the connectors.  
NOTE: If you replaced the Nano, then did you get one without the headers soldered onto the Nano, and then soldered the headers such that the reset button is between the Nano and the Raduino boards when the Nano is inserted into the Raduino.  The Nano used in the Raduion must have the header pins on the "wrong" side of the Nano when compared to a Nano that is supplied with the headers already solder to the Nano board.

Next, let's eliminate the hardware as an issue. 
- Remove the Nano from the Raduino board. 
- Plug the Raduino board back into the mainboard (if you took it out to pull the Nano)
- Then power on the rig. 

The stock display should light up with grey boxes across the top row.  If the display lights, you may deed to adjust P2 to get the boxes displayed.  If the display does not light, then check the 5 volts on the output of the regulator on the Raduino board.  It should read 5volts.  If not, then try to isolate where the 5volts is shorted, or if the regulator has failed.

On my v4 board, the Display connector reads 5 volts on pin 2, .85 volts on pin 3 and 5 volts on pin 15 without the Nano.

You can also test the stock display by supplying +5volts to pins 2, 3, and 15 of the display connector.  Pin 1 and 16 are ground or negative. You should see the backlight LED light up, and have grey boxes across the display.

Once that testing has been done, and assuming that there were no problems, or you found and correct the problem, now plug the Nano back into the Raduino board.  This time we will test the Raduion unplugged from the mainboard.  This can be done with a 5volt USB supply, or when connected to the USB port of your computer.  The onboard regulators of the Nano are enough to power the Raduino and display.

I would highly recommend that you use Xloader and the "UBITX_CEC_V1.200_16P.hex" file to load into the Nano.  That way we would know that there is not a configuration issue with the compiled program.  Here is the Xloader download page:

Above are my suggestions.  Please do the research and verify it for yourself.  All of the schematics are on the pages:


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