Easy Bitx Kits

Sunil Lakhani

Hello Friends

We had promised a new kit for Bitx are ready now and available in limited numbers. The Easy Bitx kit is a mono bander kit which can be used for 20mt 40mt or 80mt band.

Te kit is sold as default for 20mt, but by changing the bandpass filters and low pass filters it can be used to 40mt or 80mt, also for any higher bands.

It can also be made into a multi bander by building low pass filter and band pass filters on separate boards just like the Bitx Multi band by Andy.
The manual can be downloaded from the link below.


We would suggest  builders to study the manual.
The Kit has been made into 15 Steps, Each step has a individual kit packet.

The kit will be available complete with case,VFO BFO using si5351 build and working,agc.  The other option that will be available is just the Exciter Kit 'Easy Bitx' without VFO BFO and case.
The performance has been good as I am personally using the 20mt and 40mt Radios in my shack and have made few contacts dx as well as local. 
Some other hams are also using Easy Bitx in West Bengal in India.
We will be updating with any new developments wit the kit.
Our website.

Thanks and very best to the group members.

Once again thanks to all members for supporting us with the purchase of kits and enclosures for bitx and ubitx.

Sunil Lakhani

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