Re: Ubitx v6.1 cat control

howard winwood G4GPF

I think this may be due to problems on the reset line of the nano. It should be documented so do a Google search as there are a number of solutions, depending on what will be best for you.

On Mon, 29 Jun 2020, 20:05 John Sutter, <jds@...> wrote:
I haven't been able to get my ubitx 6.2 with Reed's FW working with WSJT-x v2.2.1, though
it does work with FT-817 Commander.   I haven't tried UBITX manager. I started setting up a
serial protocol analyzer, but then the day job wanted attention.  Maybe in another week or
two I'll have time to dig back into it.

I'd use FT-817 Commander to verify your port settings are correct before digging deeper.
If you can't get that working, maybe it's driver problems with the serial port pr a bad USB cable.
There are posts in the archives that a web search should turn up.


On 6/29/2020 10:34 AM, Michael Golden wrote:
Hey everyone


I am trying to setup cat control with my ubitx v6.1 and I can see the com port but WSJT-x can’t get data from it and UBITX manager can’t read from it either.  Any thoughts are appreciated

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