Re: Microphone appears dead


I have the v6 version

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From: Evan Hand <elhandjr@...>
Date: 6/27/20 12:15 PM (GMT-06:00)
Subject: Re: [BITX20] Microphone appears dead

What version of uBITX do you have?
Does the rig put out a signal in CW mode?  CW will test the transmit stages after the first mixer, creating a checkpoint that will point you in the correct direction.

This message has the circuit with the Baofeng mic for the v6 with voltages:

If you do not get approximately 11 volts at the tip of the mic plug, then I would start backtracing the circuit to R60 where you should have 12 volts when you activate the transmit mode.  It may be that the K1 relay is no functioning.

We will need more information to point you in the correct direction.


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