Re: IF shift needed for listening correctly V4 UBITX #bitx20help

Evan Hand

Yes, all of the calibrations are available in both the onboard software and the Memory Manager.  This does depend on which of the multiple Nextion screen files you have used for your upgrade.  In order to conserve memory, some of the versions removed the calibration graphic screen, and you need to use the yellow box.  The yellow box is on all versions as far as I know.

For the Memory Manager, you need to read and write the uBITX to get and then update after changes are made.  Remember that the Raduino needs to be completely powered down and restarted for some of the changes to be put into use.  This means the uBITX needs to be turned off, and the USB cable removed.  Another point on the Memory Manager is to always close the connection to the uBITX before you remove the USB cable, otherwise, you will need to close and reopen the Memory Manager to establish the connection.  I follow the convention of:
1 - reading the uBITX
2 - save the current config to a temp file
3 - make the changes
4 - write to the uBiTX
5 - completely power down the uBITX
6 - restart and test
7 - If all is good, go back to the Memory Manager, read the config, and then save it to a permanent file.

My personal experience with your symptoms was solved with the calibration process.

I hope this clarifies for you.

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