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My boards have worked continuously on 15V with no issues. The power output
increases, you only need to put a heat sink on Raduino 5V regulator as it gets
uncomfortably hot. It may then drop voltage.

If the board has 2822 audio amp then put a 9 or 10 78L09 or 10 in series with
chip supply. This mod is documented.

Trace power on the board and find what is happening.


At 25/06/2020, you wrote:
Another mystery!

I power my uBitx v5 with a LiFePo 3.5Ah battery from Bioenno. It's a new battery but a little while back, the radio stopped powering up. Long story short, the battery was found to have a bad BMS (battery mgt system). The only symptom that I might have needed to pay more attention to before the radio failed was that the battery put out a little more than the 13.8v that nominal 12v systems typically do. My VOM is analog but it looked to be between 14 and 15v.

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