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Bill Cromwell

Hi Dean,

I don't homebrew batteries. That would involve handling more hazardous materials than I would be comfortable. I homebrew the maintenance and charging gear. My approach is not entirely unique but some of my implementations might be close to unique in some cases. I am pretty sure other people - not necessarily hams - use the same methods. It is just too obvious. Additionally, methods from the past seem to be lost to younger people who can't be bothered to read those useless *olde* books from the 70s or 80s. Never mind about "prewar" (WW2) publications. We all know the laws of physics are completely different now <evil grin>. You might have a look at a charger for small batteries that use a series light bulb to accomplish a tame, tapered charge. Somebody here already mentioned the series bulb. Search on "lightbulb battery charger". It might be a good place to start and pretty safe too.


Bill KU8H

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On 6/23/20 11:39 PM, Dean Souleles wrote:
Bill -
100% with you on homebrew rigs.  I've spent the last few months building a 100% scratch built 40 meter SSB transceiver, and I have learned a ton along the way.  I've been documenting it on my blog- check out if you have a few minutes.   But I will admit homebrewing batteries is outside of my area of interest.

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