Re: has the supply chain for the uBITX been affected by the covid-19

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Hello John,

Thanks for inquiring.  

We at HF Signals are taking in orders for the latest V6 uBitx. However we are only accepting shipping through DHL which will be done in a day or two. There is no wait times for DHL as of now till the stocks last. So if you book one now we would be able to ship it out immediately in a day or two.

We did have a bit of an issue during the lockdown but DHL resumed shipping almost immediately after the lockdown was lifted and we have had no problem since then with DHL.

However India Posts have still not started it regular international shipping but we were told that they too would resume international shipping in the coming days. Once that happens we will be updating the website and let everyone know about it.

Till such time please go ahead and book your order through DHL.

Thanks and Regards,



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