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Jack, W8TEE


Thank you for the response. I think I have enough people who have expressed interest to accomplish the Beta read program. I'll be going through them today and tomorrow and will let the Beta's know no later than Monday evening.

Thanks again!

Jack, W8TEE

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I'm writing a new beginning C book titled Beginning C for Microcontrollers. It will be similar to my existing Beginning C for Arduino (see, but also includes code for the Teensy 4.0, STM32, and ESP32 microcontrollers as well as the Arduino family. All of them can be programmed in the same Arduino IDE.

Who I'm looking for.

Ideally, I would really like to get readers who don't know any programming at Those people come in without preconceived notions and don't have to "unlearn" anything. Also, I have my own way of teaching programming and it is probably unlike how others teach it.

How the Beta program will work.

I currently have 10 of the 14 chapters written. (See the attached TOC.) I will select about 6-10 Beta readers. Once that is done, I will send out the first two chapters. (The first chapter is the usual intro and getting the software and patches installed.) When I receive your comments on those chapters, I will send you the next chapter. I would really like to get the comments back within a week or so (...I'm old and you never know!) After the chapter comments come in, I'll send you the next chapter and wait for your comments. We will repeat until done. Anyone who doesn't submit some chapter comments, or takes longer than I hope for to submit those comments, will be dropped from the program.

How do I get paid?

You don't...I can't afford to! I honestly believe that, if you complete the Beta read, you will be able to read and write your own C programs for the microcontrollers mentioned. Only you can decide if that's worth the effort.

If you're interested...

Send me an email at jack52443@... with the tag line "Beta Reader". Just write a couple of sentences confirming that you have no real programming experience and that you have time to finish the program.

Please excuse the bandwidth pollution, but I'd really like some feedback before the book's content is etched in stone.


Jack, W8TEE

Jack, W8TEE

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