Re: Characterized my new v6


Try reducing power by a watt or two and see. If the harmonics drop significantly then I'd say the PA
is being over driven a bit.

The power you are getting at the low bands is less than I would expect and power at high end (10M) is higher
than my expectation.

An external 30MHz LP Filter should help.


At 20/06/2020, you wrote:
I did some baseline measurements on my new V6 running Reed's FW before I start changing too many things.
The power's a good bit lower than expected and the third harmonics on both 15m and 30m are 4-5 dB over.

I've seen other references to low power, but I didn't notice anyone reporting issues with the third harmonic on 15/30m.
Not sure what I'll do about it yet.



Measurements are with 40dB attenuation before the SA with the ubitx in CW.
The SA is a fairly decent Agilent unit.

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