Re: RFI on 2 meters from uBitx


You could try replacing relays KT1/2/3 with Axicom RF relays, that should reduce this.
Check earlier posts for details.


At 18/06/2020, you wrote:
I have been experiencing RFI on the 2 meter band when my V3 is tuned to the upper end of 75 meters. I had my uBitx tuned to the TN Phone net at 3.980 MHz and my 2 meter rig tuned to my local repeater at 146.91 MHz. The 2 meter rig showed full scale receive, with no audio. I checked with my hand held and it was full scale at least 50 feet from the uBitx. The RFI exists when the uBitx is in RX as well as TX. Seems like a 3rd harmonic of a mixing product; (45 MHz+3.98 MHz) X 3 = 146.94 MHz

Any ideas where or how to add shielding or if a component needs to be replaced?


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