V6 with TSW nano teensy adapter upload problem

mark bodlovich

My V6 works normally with original nano. Purchased nano adapter and teensy 4. I cant figure why my teensy wont upload the sketch V1.14 or V1.12 correctly. All i get is the splash screen with version # and the main screen. The touch screen does nothing .Main tuning knob works and pushing it gets options at bottom to appear.  I can see the screen reset and version # changes when done uploading so I have serial link. I have tried many things , different W10 computers, reloading arduino and teensy duino many times putting in required libraries ( i think) as per website. Sketch verifies, compiles and uploads. I have purchased extra teensys and get same results. Used ESD precautions when handling as well. I must be missing something but I dont know what it is. Has anyone seen this before and or has any insight as to what is happening. My next idea is to try a Linux computer if I can get the arduino and tensy duino installed. I dont know what to do next. Any help would be appreciated. I would even send my teensy to someone that could upload it for me.

Thanks, N7HWR

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