Re: Nextion and ubitx v3 pin outs #nextion #v3


On Sun, Jun 14, 2020 at 11:58 PM, <rpremooak@...> wrote:
Does anyone have the proper pin outs for nextion display attachment to a v3.  I have the black cable on Pin1; Red on Pin2 this was opposite of v6 hookup for power and ground. 

On the v6 I connected yellow to pin5; and Blue to Pin11

I looked at the schematic but the labeling/design is different between the two radios and v3 was not labelled for this display.
Nano D8 (Pin11 on display connector) Touch
Nano D9 (Pin5 on display connector) D_C

I'll try to find the Nano usage in the code.  no guess yet.

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