Re: New uBitx 6.1 - Have I already blown the finals?

Stephen KO4CVU

Before you replace the transistors, connect a microphone with a preamplifier and put the Baofeng in a drawer. I had a similar problem with my uBITX v6.1 After a lot of heartache, I took Evan’s suggestion and bought a CB microphone with a built-in preamplifier. I finally made my first contact on the 10 meter band earlier this week with a station that was less than 7 miles away. He said my signal was weak, but he could hear me. Tonight, I made my first two contacts on the 40 meter band - one in Connecticut and one in Louisiana. I’m located in middle TN. There is a profound difference in the power output between the 10 meter and 40 meter band on the uBITX v6.1. My second suggestion is to load Reed’s latest sketch into the Arduino on your radio. It has made a world of difference in the user interface on my radio. Above all, don’t get discouraged. Take my word for it, the folks in this group are cheering you on and are ready to help you when you run into difficulties.

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