Re: Got a fan mounted #v6


WD-40 is meant to loosen rusty nuts and such. I heard it contains fish oil.

I use silicone oil for lubricating such things. I used to get many FT757 with tuning shaft jammed.. I used to clean with isoprophyl alcohol
and remove the gunk and then put a drop of silicone oil.


At 11/06/2020, you wrote:
An aerospace electronics company I worked for in the 1970s banned WD-40 from the plant. No one was allowed to even have it in their possession, including the maintenance crew. This was on the orders of the chief production engineer (my father) and the quality-control manager.Â

People would use the stuff on fine bearings and on sensitive mechanical instruments. When all the volatiles evaporated, it left a sticky mess that attracted dust and gummed up the instruments. It simply was not intended as a lubricant, though that is probably its most common (mis)use. To this day, I can't even stand the smell of it.

Todd K7TFC

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