Re: Fading during receive #ubitxv6

Robert D. Bowers

That is most likely propagation conditions, unless you mean the frequency is shifting ("drift") - which would be rather unlikely with the newer rigs.  It's not unusual at all to have signals fade in and out - especially when conditions are marginal.

As far as WWV... that too is very dependent on conditions.  We're just coming off of a sunspot minimum, and most of the time WWV reception here was marginal at best (depends a lot on the time of day as well).


On 6/10/20 9:35 AM, KB9WOO wrote:
I think I need to be educated a little, or maybe I need a better antenna or location (ok, I know both are true).  I am noticing that when tuning in a signal, it will be ok for a moment, then seems to fade away and I have to chase it to tune it back in.  Is that just SSB and/or weak signal, or could it be something with the radio?

I thought I may have buggered my frequency alignment a bit so I don't know if maybe I have multiple things going on.  I have been using an end fed no tune kit from QRPguys, but don't have much height.  Sometimes I can get WWV and sometimes not, so maybe I'm getting ahead of myself blaming the alignment.  I do not have an antenna tuner, either.  When I do get WWV, it is very weak.

As far as a better antenna, I'm leaning strongly towards a mag loop.  I think that could better suit my operating environment/conditions.

So, is this fading to be expected/normal with my less than optimal antenna height and location, or what do I need to learn?

Just looking for ideas, pointers, education, chitchat on these things.

Thanks all.

Mark, kb9woo
Milwaukee, WI uBITX v6

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