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mike wilsher

I bought mine through Gigaparts since I figured it would be a while to order directly, glad to hear they are shipping quickly. It takes mabe 20 mins. to build the radio,... instructions are on their web site. I'll be posting a review probably this weekend.

   Mike W.

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On Wed, Jun 10, 2020 at 10:45 AM Alex <abmurphy2011@...> wrote:
I just want to reflect on the ordering/shipping process for my ubitx V6.  I just received my kit last evening.  I am amazed at the shipping time. It was ONLY 3 DAYS from Hyderabad, India to my cottage on a mountain in western North Carolina USA.  I was anticipating a longer delay best case, or not getting it at all as the worse case.  But this service was really great.

Looking forward to putting the radio together and making contacts after a 20-year-long break-in being active in the hobby,

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