Re: ubitxv6 mic not working fine #ubitxv6


Found a stereo plug cable with TRS on both ends.  Plugged it in no transmit present, when I bridge the Ring and Sleeve together PTT is enabled for transmit.  Whe I bridge the Tip and Sleeve cause the rapid fire transmitting.


So my guess is that the shipped handset has a short on the red and black cables under the wire tension crimp for the plug.


In short I think once I get the new microphone in that I should be good on the transmit.  The Baofeng microphone is garbage


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Okay I isolated out all the microphone components by removing the cable.  The issue still occurs as I plug in the plug to the radio with the wiring plugged into nothing ( I suppose there cold be a short in the pinched cable inside the plug.  But I also plugged a computer headset with isolated microphone TPS plug and it did the same thing.


The cable connects to the TRS jack with the following:


White on the microphone is connected to Sleeve at the plug

Green in on ground on microphone but not connected in plug

Red is on microphone in microphone and Tip in plug

Black is on PTT and ring in plug


Both Red and Black wires are mechanically crimped in the plug it’s possible the wire shielding was exposed I suppose.

I pulled the board completely out and looked at the solder looked fine.  I tried it out of the case with the plug in and it still did the same thing.  The plug itself seems like it's mechanically working fine.

Any other ideas?


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