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Bob Lunsford <nocrud222@...>

Doesn't putting a nut under the screw's head make it stick out from the cabinite? Wouldn't this cause even more interference with the back of the volume control knob? This might be a ramification of doing it this way.

When you use the Champ crimper's screw cutting feature, you screw the screw into the tool from the threaded side and the unwanted part is cut off and then the screw is backed out the threaded side. This cleans up the screw's thread. And I've never had a problem screwing a screw with part of it cut off. The threaded part it's screwed into takes care of it; it had a shaped area that accepts the shortened screw with no problem.

Those Champ crimpers were available at Sears and other "fine" stores but like I said, I get them at flea markets and they cost me somewhere between one and two dollars. I got one Saturday afternoon for one dollar from a guy who was cleaning out his garage. Now I have about four of them.

On Tuesday, June 9, 2020, 8:03:04 AM EDT, Bill Cromwell <wrcromwell@...> wrote:


There are probably as many ways to shorten those screws as there are
screws to be shortened and hams to shorten them. I installed a hex nut
on each screwand ran it up against the head of the screw. I clamped the
nut in a bench vise and filed the screw down to size. That took about
one minute at most. Finer file then beveled the ragged edge. Removing
the nut cleaned up the ends of the threads on the way out. That beveled
edge around the circumference of the screw makes it much easier to start
the screw into the threaded hole at assembly time. I hope this help
somebody who does not have the means to buy a special purpose tool for
cutting and rethreading M3 screws. Files can be re-used for many other
jobs. That $pecial tool can only be used to shorten M3 screws.


Bill  KU8H

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On 6/8/20 9:47 PM, Bob Lunsford via wrote:
> Some Champ-type crimpers also have screw cutting holes. Some are also
> metric screw cutters. I shop flea markets for crimpers.
> On Monday, June 8, 2020, 9:06:20 PM EDT, Bill Cromwell
> <wrcromwell@...> wrote:
> Hi,
> The real problem is the screws reach the bottom of the hole in the
> standoff they screw into before the head ever gets to the front panel..
> No matter how much of the head you remove the screw will still be too
> long. When you saw a limb off from a tree be sure to sit on the trunk
> side of the cut instead of the outer side of your cut.
> 73,
> Bill  KU8H
> bark less - wag more
> On 6/8/20 8:14 PM, Bob Lunsford via wrote:
>  > If the screen mounting screw headss are standing out from the surface
>  > too much, I'll run a countersink by hand and make it deeper. This should
>  > cure that problem.
>  >
>  > On Monday, June 8, 2020, 2:50:15 PM EDT, rpremo <rpremo@...
> <mailto:rpremo@...>> wrote:
>  >
>  >
>  > Here's three issues I am having with full kit case , screws....1. Part
>  > inventory needed screws dont screw all the way. 2. Screen doesnt mount
>  > securely its lloose which is a problem for touch display 3. Design of
>  > screen in relation to volume knob sets up for the screw to secure screen
>  > interfering with turning knob couple with short volume shaft makes a
>  > knob not likely possible to secure
>  >

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