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Thanks for the tips I ordered a replacement cb microphone it looks like the microphone has 4 wires I'm thinking of cutting white wire to speaker.  The continuity showed present when I connected ring & shield and PTTImage

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I had a similar issue/ problem with my V6 Baofeng mic.
Try this:
1) My Baofeng mic also failed in a similar way but also had garbled modulation. I heard on this DL about  the proCom power mic. It’s a CB Power Mic . I bought one and it works very well and distinctly improves modulation and quality-as reported by receiving station contacts.

Not sure if this is related but.....
2) I noticed that the V6 case mounting slightly holds the display board from seating fully. Make sure your display board is seated evenly and as fully as possible , otherwise the issue  can cause the display to fail to initiate on power on.

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I recently received the Bitx6 having issues with the Microphone when I plug it in the TX constantly repetitively engages and releases.  Reminds me of the sound of a Antenna tuner trying to set the relays.  I read that these microphones are not good I have another Baofeng microphone with the Kenwood connector I would refer not to alter it unless this seems like the only recourse here.


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