Re: Odd (and non-functional) #RX behavior #v5 #rx


uBitx v5 needs 11.0555 MHz BFO and if it is 11.9965 then it wont work. Put back the original firmware and see.

The microphonics is usually caused by ceramic capacitors. These are those darker brown (milk chocolate) colored
SMD parts. tap each one gently till you locate it and replace.


At 03/06/2020, you wrote:
Thank you Reed and Evan

Well, I've done some experimenting and haven't really gotten anywhere but have at least got some data.

I used the ubitx Memory Manager to program the rig. However, there's not a setting in the memory manager that corresponds directly to "the BFO value." There is a setting for Master Calibration. I found elsewhere on this forum that a value of 143000 was recommended (I read something like 124500 off the bitx). Then there are LSB (0) and USB (11996200) Calibration values.

The "BFO" menu item on the ubitx LCD shows the 11996200 value.

I tried changing that value (USB Calibration) to 11055500. However, this corresponded to 11997000 on the ubitx lcd.

Is there some different setting in the Memory Manager that I need to be overwriting?

As for the "microphone" effect, Evan, your mention of the LM386 caused me to notice that the effect does seem to be strongest near that component--tapping on or near the amp causes a much louder response than tapping elsewhere on the radio.

I looked at all the solder joints, both my own and the ones the board came with, and I couldn't find any that looked suspect.

Thanks for the assist!


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