Re: Pre driver and driver transistors


I'm thinking about these mods as well.

In the wiki for Allison's solution, there is the easy part with just replacing 2n2222's plus Q90 and C81, and then there is the more complicated mod. And then there is the recommended solution from with the easy part of Allisions solution and a 2nd part with relais get the power to equal levels across the bands. This is probably no the nicest solution, but seems a lot easier than the rest of Allisons mods.

So now the questions:

What output power across the different bands can be expected with just the easy part of Allison mod?

Has anyone here done the easy part plus relais solution?

Are these solutions capable of digital modes without overheating, or is it necessary to somehow reduce power for FT8/WISPR?
As 10W is probably too much for digital modes anyway, the relais solution could easily be extended with an additionals switch and potentiometer for manual power reduction.



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