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I appreciate your time, Allison.  I also feel silly as I ordered NOS 2N2222A from Dan's Small Parts a month or three back. They're still $0.50 each plus a bit of shipping.  I've been trying to collect parts from Diz before they fall off.  I received a pair of 2N5109 from him today in his RF amp kits.  There are '5109s on ebay, but pricy.  I've been trying to duplicate stages from EI9GQ/Eamon's multi-band transceiver and this relative RF noob is struggling to get some of the rapidly-becoming-obsolete bits.  I envy the experienced folks with deep junque boxes!

Best, Andy

On Sat, May 30, 2020 at 05:39 PM, ajparent1/kb1gmx wrote:
Andy most are available but many places do not stiock so price is what it cost from
them to get a minimum order from a maker.  That way they can sell 10 and if that's
it sit on the other 9990 which has a cost as well.

Try Diz.
I've bought a lot from him and not paid for this 
but its always quality parts.

2n2219s for 2/4$
2N3866  for 2/6$
IRF510 5/4$
And very much more including ferrites or all sizes and kinds.

IF you look harder like dans small parts and other like Allied electronics you are likely to find even more.

like:  73 cents,  10/6.10$

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