Odd (and non-functional) #RX behavior #v5 #rx

Tim Helming <wt1im@...>

Hello hive mind

I just completed a v5 board. I put Ian's (KD8CEC) v1.2 firmware on and set it up with a Nextion 2.4. 

The rig powers up and the GUI behaves like it's supposed to. I get audio--but not the audio I'm expecting. What I'm getting is the rig itself is acting like a microphone. As in, if I tap on the case, I hear the taps through the headphones. I get absolutely no RF receive. Plugging/unplugging the antenna makes no difference, and the rig can't hear CW coming from my own station at all. I don't even really hear static per se, just seemingly the static of the audio circuit itself. Checked BFO, it's right where Ian recommends it to be.

I have very little in the way of test equipment, so it's possible that I'm going to be out of luck without some. I have a basic analog multimeter and that's about it. 

No obvious loose connections or anything like that that I can see. I plugged in a CW key and I can TX on CW, so the TX/RX relay seems to work fine. 

I couldn't find any threads on the forum that referred to this behavior.

Thanks and 73,


Tim Helming, WT1IM
Vice President, Puget Sound Repeater Group

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