Re: What’s actually better?

Bill Cromwell

I have several packages of 2n2222a from decades ago. I think I will keep those for my own use.


Bill KU8H

On 5/30/20 2:29 PM, ajparent1/kb1gmx wrote:
Hi ohwenzelph,
Short memory, you were here during the thick out it all back when.
Also anyone paying high prices for 2n2222A are nuts, seems the
supply of a lot of devices (leaded) are low (are we surprised?)
so everyone figure out to hose everyone else.
FYI: the PN2222 and plastic friends are not the same device.
Never got the same performance from those.
Other known candidates include 2n3866, 2n5109 and likely others may be
listed in the Wiki.
No direct email, it goes to bit bucket due address harvesting in groups.IO
bark less - wag more

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