Re: My V6 UI has suddenly started beeping with each button press.

Dale Parfitt

Hi Reed,

I am with you. I   have an Elecraft K3 and have had the KX-3. Excellent rigs but one cannot do any mods or customization. The Bitx is the ideal platform for this. I have already designed and added a 160M LPF, added AGC, done the hiss mod- (photo attached), and adding a tiny active SMD CW filter- bandwidth of MY choosing. Also a custom  cabinet, set out for the way I operate, internal batteries and will be adding a 6 and 2M transverter down the road. There are plenty of turnkey transceivers out there for those that don’t wish to design and experiment.

Dale W4OP


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Subject: Re: [BITX20] My V6 UI has suddenly started beeping with each button press.


Hi Jeff,

I'd recommend trying to keep each thread on topic. It makes it easier to find and make sense of the conversations on here when looking back at older conversations. That said, I'll still answer your questions here.

You can see some of the features listed in the readme file in the project:
I made a lot of changes on the back end, but tried to keep the stock look.

If you search this group, you'll find people reporting 12m use. There aren't any software limits to prevent it, and even if there were, you could change the code to allow it.
I believe that 160m is also possible, with some additional filters. Again, search this group and you'll find threads talking about it.

I personally got the uBiTX because it's designed for tinkering, but has the base tech in place. I read up on it on variety of sites, including this group, before purchasing, and was fully aware that there would be some elbow grease required. It was actually easier than I expected, since I researched v5 but got a v6. But I've never seen anybody on here say that this radio is for people who want a radio that "just works" for SOTA. If that's what you're after, you might want to consider the big 3, or something that's purchased as a complete product, not a kit, like the minion sdr.


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